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Quality, Precision, Speed.

25 years of manufacturing excellence

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Welcome to Logun Composites

Logun Composites is an exciting, bespoke engineering-led manufacturer of exceptionally high quality composite products. Logun can design, manufacture and assemble a wide range of components for many industry sectors.

Quality is at the heart of Logun Composites. With over 25 years of experience within Formula One, Automotive and Aerospace, we know how important precision and speed is to deliver on time, in full.

We are a partner to all our customers, and our friendly Project Management team will always be on hand to personally support and drive the project to completion. From structural parts to simple brackets, we have the expertise to fulfil your requirements.

Industries we work in


With over several decades' worth of F1 team employment and experience, we know first hand, how demanding this industry is. From the early stages of ‘the build’ from brake ducts, suspension, gearbox and chassis onto the track dependent aero components. We will fully deliver on quality controlled solutions, offering a complete end-to-end service that will work in partnership to your requirements. Our experience within working for leading teams across Europe and the UK, allows us the knowledge and experience that make us proud of our involvement within Formula One and Motorsport.

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Our expertise doesn’t stop at Formula One and Aerospace. We have a rich history of producing some of the world’s most iconic supercars. From the legendary designed McLaren F1 and F1 GTR Le Mans cars through to the successful completion of the LaFerrari at Maranello. Logun Composites can provide a wide range of components to current elite manufacturers. We have the experience and history of delivering. Projects that require design, tooling and prototypes we can then implement them into production. From Powertrain applications and chassis to bodywork components, we have the experience to manufacture to your requirements.

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With a passion for racing, we are obsessed with the need to develop and push the boundaries of what’s possible. No more so is this seen than within the world of elite sports industry, where a fraction of a second, watt, stroke and stride can make the difference between winning and losing. We can help design and develop a lighter, stronger more efficient component to help athletes stay ahead of the competition. With experience within track cycling and road bikes that date back to Chris Boardman’s Lotus 110 and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics track cycling, we have the passion and expertise to gain a competitive edge.

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Aerospace & Defence

Our team at Logun Composites have extensive experience in the Aerospace and Defense sector. From ducting to jet engine casings, radar structures to complex electrical housings, we are capable of producing from design and material testing through to manufacture, always adhering to strict processes that ensure repeatability and guarantee quality components.

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What we do

Research & Development

Here at Logun Composites, we can apply our technical and manufacturing expertise to assist in development programmes for materials, processes and structures. Our agile nature and unique expertise enable us to progress quickly and deliver valuable learning and insight for future development iteration. Whether through a Catapult centre or a company specific programme, we are always keen to support development of composite materials and processes. Being involved in new and innovative programmes drives the learning and development of our team and keeps us at the forefront of material and processing methods.

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Project Management

Our dedicated project management team will always be on hand to personally support each individual project. With regular and structured communication throughout, you can be assured that your project is taken personally and in partnership. They are responsible for all RFQs and submission, data is logged and any revision changes, updated and acknowledged. With our experienced PM’s from Formula one, Aerospace and Automotive, we can problem solve and manage delivery, on time, in full.

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Design & Development

With over 35 years of composites design & engineering expertise to call upon, Logun Composites offers a design, development and engineering service that incorporates the disciplines of material selection, process design, laminate design and FEA simulation. In addition, tooling design including patterns, moulds, trim/machining fixtures, bond fixtures, inspection & test fixtures designs are produced using the latest 3D CAD parametric surface, solid and assembly modelling tools. Verification and validation testing for materials and parts is available via our specialist supply chain.

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Autoclave - PRE-PREG

Computer controlled Autoclave capable of delivering full traceability and integrity with our autoclave component manufacturing.

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Hand Trimming, Fitting and Assembly

With 2 x Fitting Assembly shops, and 1 x insert preparation room, two with temperature and humidity control along with +1000 lux LED lighting, you will have one of the strictest monitored rooms at your disposal. We have a Vapormatt, Vapormate wet grit blast system, Guyson ‘Formula’ F1400 Suction Feed Blast Cleaning / Finishing System to control and aid surface preparation on substrates. Temperature and humidity reports are logged daily to allow full traceability.

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We have a dedicated +1000 lux inspection room with temperature and humidity control for detailed geometric dimensional and tolerancing inspection. Examination of component surface quality and weight checks with complete traceability reporting that can be shared with our clients.

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Logun Composites Ltd. Unit 6, Daniels Way, Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, NG15 7LL